With the shockwave treatment ( ESWT ) we have a many years experience including giving lectures and publication activities.We are the only one centre in CZ with the "International society for medical shockwave therapy ( ISMST) "accredation.ESWT and it´s biological effect was in the serius professional literature for a many diagnosis repeatedly proven .For some ilness ( for instance : calcific tendicitidi ,revolving cuff,heel spur) is the ESWT ( because of it´s effect and low level of the complications ) method of a choice.

Based of our own experience we created the method called " Dynamic Myofascial Therapy " ( Nedělka J. Nedělka T. 2009 ). This method next to the target structures influencs also concanetation of the myofascial start points .It gives often bigger effectivity than a applying only to the pain place. ESWT we provide for instance for the shoulders calcinifaction with the ultrasound navigation.For more         
information please see an article and presentation lower.

In our centre we have 3 shockwave  generators .Since the  September 2012 we have a top high-energy device Duolit ( Storz Medical producer ).Our radial devices involves reliable product of the Czech company BTL Industries ( BTL SWT 5000 and portable SWT 6000).

Photogallery Shockwave