Our methods

Our doctors are really experts with rehabilitation medicine and neurology , they cooperate with many top CZ and foreign centres.In departments we apply in CZ unique techniques of the nerve roots blocking and between joints under the ultrasound navigation. The doctors next to that apply techniques of  the myoskeletal medicine, local injection of the joints and ligaments , neural therapy , acupuncture and next techniques of the reflective treatment.

During physioterapy we focus on the body exercise on a reflective base - "Vojta´s " method , motor activity according to Mrs. Mojžíšová and others.During balneologic methods we offer modern equipted water therapy including under water electrotherapy Stangerbad , underwatwr massage ,whirlpool bath ( for upper and lower limbs as well ) ,Scotsman´s jet.

As a only one of a few centres in Prague we offer " additive " baths and treatment with a peat extracts.Our offered physical treatment includes complete electro-treatment, magnettherapy,ultrasound,diathermy,parafintherapy and laser therapy ( LLLT).

Real moder and really requsted method provided by our centre is treatment by shockwave (ESWT),which is with a succes used for a lot of locomotor systém sickness ( heel spur , tennis and golf elbow ).

M.D. Jiří Nedělka and M.D.Tomáš Nedělka both they are really experts in this methology .They alreday published this methology including invited lectures , workshops during many foregain symposiums trough click way CV´s.

Unlike other centres the shockwave treatment is applyed in our center only by doctors - reall experts and is strictly indicated                     
only after previus clinical/ultrasonographic screening of affected tissue or directly with ultrasound drawing - in.                    

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