Sporting injury

Comprehensive rehabilitation of bigger sporting injury (  a tear of tendon , ligaments ,contusion of the tendons and joints), doesn´t matter if was chosen conservative method or surgery , belongs to the basic conditions for early return of the functions of the demaged structures.Sportmens are also suffered by repeating microtraumats of the locomotor systém ( called strain injuries - typical :tennis, golf elbow , jumper knee ,entezophaty of the achilles tendom , plantarn fascilithid ..).Those are causing  the movement scheme troubles , central joints decentration   and movement coordination worsening with following another overloading.

We have been taking care about a lot of sportsman from the top legaues - individual and team sports .They are from CZ and from the abroad as well. For the professional sportmans we provide a survay and treatment immediatelly , which causes waiting period adaptation.Directely in our centre we offer also possibility to consult with a orthopedist and podologist oriented on the sporting injuries.