Back pain - pain of the neck, chest and loin backbone

Back pain is one of the civilization illnessis .They are caused by improper working and movement stereotypes with overloading of the backbone key structures . This is accompanyed with the pain comming in majority out of overloaded muscleses ,ligaments and backbone joints blocation. Very important part in bacbone paint developement playes also oversized joint movement ( hypermobility ) and also muscles imbalanceing among the individual muscles groups of back and stomach muscles and also limbs muscles.

Back pain we devided into groups of urgent and chronic ( roughly 2-3 month long ). Urgent back pain are coming from the joints ,tendons and muscles .They are " nociceptive " and well reactive for analgesic , rehabilitation treatment including manual and physical methods.Very important is a following physiotherapy and back " school " when the patient is joined into the rehabilitation program .He is teached and trained for proper autotherapic techniques doing which allowe him to know reserves of locomotor systém , to get a konwledge about proper habits ( proper stereotype of seating and walking ). Using the specific techniques based on a reflexive base begin to realize ivolving also "ignored" muscles groups (midriff ,stomach muscles ,joints centralization) and it improves backbon stabilization funkcions.

During chronic back pain , especialy during pain "schooting" to the limbs , is very often the reason a damage of the betwenvertebra disc or it´s prolapse.