Prolaps of the betweenvertebra disc

Prolaps of the betweenvertebra disc is very painfull situation. There are happening repression and painfull irritate of a nerv root with a " radieting " of the paint in a belt into a limb in a typical lokality ( called dematom).The prolaps is caused by escaping of the internal substance of the betweenvertebra disc trough a tear of the disc ligament case (anulus fibrusus).Sliding out ( proturzition) or prolapse of the disc is happening with a maximum in the lower lumber location in the neck location over the " crossing" C/Th.Result of the prolaps is often also failure of the "touch" perception on a limb , or a malfunction of the muscles supplyed by the root.

When happen less scaled prolaps is there a big chance to avoid a surgery using different rehabilitation procedures. When is the prolaps clearly dispeyed ( CT or magnetic rezonantion ) is propert to do roots blocation ( caudal or periradicual therapy).This we provide in our centre .Is also possible to provide a ultrasonic local injection navigation.                

Photogallery Prolaps of the betweenvertebra disc