Neurological complications of head injury, backbone and peripheral nerves

We offer comlete rehabilitation of neurological illnesses with a function deficit - vessel brain stroke , backbone and spinal cord injury , peripheral nerves malfunction including the neurophatic and nerves " weaving" - plexes - malfunction.

Rehabilitation of the nervous systém malfunction is always long-term and multidisciplin case. Used neurorehabilation methods improve  and reconstruct functions via " neuroplastic method " ( demaged nervous cells aren´t remove by new cells )but with help of the neuronall regeneration and plasticitidy is creating a new oragnization of a new connections which allowe - at least - some compensation of a function via the new nervous connections.

In a cooperation with a several civil associations of the pacients with a neurologick handicap we ensure also a complete holistic interpretation of a rehabilitation including ergotheraphy and psychopsisical care.This care is provided in our centre and also in the cooperativing  centres.