Acupuncture has been using a stimulation of the as it is called acupuncture points.Those are restricted points on a human body with the connections to the particular organs and organ groups.For a
stimulation of those poins we use needles ,or heat sources ( moxing way) or electrostimulations. Those poins are located on a body or as it is called in the microsystems ( ear systém-aurikotherapy,
leg systém).According to traditional Chinese medicine they are organized in as it is called " meridians". Acupuncture is beeing used for it´s analgesic effect in the frame of the reflective treatment.

On the picture bellow you can see the senior doctor M.D.Nedělka applying acupuncture to the retired high officer of the Chinese Army in the Centre of the traditional Chinese medicine - Central military hospital in Beijing.

Photogallery Acupuncture